Intuitive Surgery Assistance

Many people have requested my help to protect themselves and their loved ones with intuitive healing while they undergo surgery.

It all started quite unexpectedly, a woman very close to my family found out at that she would be undergoing major surgery- in a few hours. As I waited by the phone for updates on her progress, I received the clear message from Source that she needed help. After receiving the necessary permissions from her family, I connected to her while she was under anaesthetic.

All I can say is OMG!!!

Everyone in surgery needs this help.

Her soul was in utter panic, she was surrounded by the darkness in the hospital and her Angels were in such confusion at what they saw as ghoulish practices, that they were not keeping her safe. The recently deceased in the building were trying to attach to parasite life from her and the anaesthetic was creating disassociated memories that would potentially take years for the subconscious to unravel and heal from. All that was just the start of it…

Since that first Surgery Assistance in 2015, I’ve been asked to help other people undergoing surgery and I’ve refined my 3 step process down to 2 steps:

1. I check-in prior to surgery to set up protective Guardians, optimise healing, release fears and resistance and prepare the soul and astral bodies for what is about to occur.

2. Re-connect within 24 hours of surgery to release the free-floating memories accumulated during anaesthesia, integrate the experience, manage pain and inflammation as well as anything else required.

Since that initial darkness plagued surgery and implementing my 2 step process, I’ve only witnessed surgery occurring in glorious light-filled healing spaces.

I like to think that there are countless of light filled surgeries occurring in the sanctuary of angels, but I don’t know which experience you will get and I don’t want you to take the chance and have your healing affected.

I feel so strongly about the importance of this work that I’ve made it $40 so that it can be accessible to everyone on almost any income.

Call me ahead of time, call someone else if you’d prefer, do reiki, do whatever, just don’t let your loved ones experience this trauma without energetic protection.