Do you have a chronic mystery illness?

You’ve landed in the right place if you have a chronic, multi-system, multi-symptom Condition

Pain, fatigue, gut symptoms, neurological symptoms, hormones out, immune dysfunction, sensitivities… a roundabout of doctors, specialists and tests… only to receive one or more diagnoses that don’t feel right to you, labels that come without solutions, or worse, hearing from your expensive specialist that they think it’s all in your head.

Diagnoses such as:

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue/ME, Mould Illness, Methylation and MTHFR disorders, IBS, IBD, SIBO, Multiple sensitivities, Chronic infections: Lyme, Epstein Barr, Coxsackie, Streptococcus, Herpes.. The list could go on…

My tailored approach combines my intuitive nature and extensive experience and further training in complex health conditions to unravel your symptoms and find the underlying cause. Depending on your unique experience and circumstances, this might include (in no particular order as each person has different priorities):

  1. Decoding and bypassing the genetic blocks in your immune, methylation, detoxification or mitochondrial pathways.
  2. Repairing your gut health and harmonising your microbiome and gut integrity.
  3. Gentle support of detoxification pathways and organs to allow your body to excrete toxins rather than storing them.
  4. Optimisation of hormones including, cortisol, adrenalin, thyroid, pituitary and pancreas hormones
  5. Advice on managing or removing the source of toxicity from your life; ie mould, VOC’s, EMF
  6. Assessing nutritional status and using targeted nutritional interventions to overcome any deficiencies
  7. Strengthening your immune system to better handle toxins and gently disabling stealth infections
  8. Optimising mitochondrial function
  9. External blood, saliva, stool or genetic testing

Understanding that travelling to appointments when you are extremely unwell, overcoming exhaustion, risking exhaust contamination on the journey and exposure to substances that might trigger you whilst in the clinic is a real and definite barrier to treatment, I prefer to see chronic clients via phone or SKYPE.

To really get the most out of our collaboration, Healthy for Life offers a fixed cost VIP package with recurring payments of only $40AUD per week. For this investment you receive:

  • ONE initial consultation lasting 60 minutes,
  • up to 2x 30 minute follow-up appointments via phone or SKYPE per month,
  • AND access to your own private Voxer conversation with Briana, so that you can simply and easily leave voice messages with your updates, experiences and questions throughout the month, Briana guarantees a voice response within 24hours.
  • PLUS 10% off supplements purchased through the Healthy for Life clinic dispensary or online at

This package is designed to get you the tailored support that you really need to recover from chronic illness. You effectively get unlimited access to Briana’s clinical detective skills and experiences to really get to the root cause of your health dysfunction so that you can start rebuilding your health and your life.

Check out our FAQ page for more info on our packages

X Bri


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