Perth Doulas

Making sure you have the best support around you while you birth is pivotal to achieving the experience that you dream about. I highly recommend these ladies and the important work that they do

Jo Lockhart from Hartfelt Services-

With her background in Counselling and her commitment to fostering the divine feminine through her facilitation of Womens circles and rites of passage, Jo is the woman I needed at my second Birth.

Just after my second birth I reflected that:

“Jo was pivotal in the success of our homebirth. Unbeknown to us at the time, my babe was malpositioned and moving up and down the birth canal. Every surge felt like he would crown and every surge took him back again. I was getting frustrated by this and tensing my muscles, which wasn’t helping the situation.  Using her counseling background, Jo helped to guide me through my emotional blocks and as soon as I’d released my resistance and fears and connected to my joy at meeting my babe, he literally popped out.” – Bri


Claire Lochrie from Indigo Cocoons-

Her background in Nursing and her personal experiences with Ecstatic hospital, Emergency hospital and Tranquil home birth, gives her a unique ability to guide you through whichever birth you choose. Let her navigate you through whichever system you feel most supported in.



Aurelia Balestra Mavrick from Hartfelt Services-

has a very calming and nurturing presence. She is a courageous HBAC mother of 3 and is dedicated to supporting the inherent power of a woman’s body. She also leads an excellent Mother Blessing if you are so inclined 🙂




Vicki Hobbs

Is more than a doula, as a trained and experienced hypnobirth coach, she can support you to embody the strategies you need to birth calmly, in your power and then as your doula, she’ll be there on the day to help you utilise those strategies when you need them most.



Want to know why you need a doula? In the words of Jo Lockhart herself:

“What is a doula? A doula is a professional birth attendant, someone experienced and comfortable with birth, who can support, encourage and nurture the birthing woman through her journey of birth. We can assist you to create the birth vision you want and help you to manifest it by providing inspiration, education, support and faith in you. 
As doula’s we are not a medical people; we are a person who can inform you about and encourage natural birth in a world where the over-medicalization of birth has become an industry. We believe in the sacred art of birthing, our speciality is acknowledging and supporting the spiritual journey that pregnancy, birthing and entering motherhood has to offer you. Each woman and birth journey is unique and therefore my role changes to meet the needs of individual. A doula is NOT a replacement for a partner, we will do our best to support your partner to be the best support he/she can be.

Some of the practical things we can offer you are:
Birth planning and preparation
Writing a birth plan
Assist with connecting with your baby and your intuition
Massage, energy work and comfort measures during labour
Supporting the other parent during labour so he/she can be present to you
Maintain the birthing environment – lighting, music, aromatherapy, etc
Playing a Crystal Bowl during labour
BellyDance for Birth movements
Suggest positions to ease pain and support labour
Counsel through emotional and mental blockages as they come up
Offer reassurance
Assist with negotiating your preferences with hospital staff
Taking photo’s
Support breast feeding and bonding

Research absolutely shows that there are benefits to having a doula. Just some of these are:
50% fewer caesarean sections
25% reduction in labour length
30% reduction of use of pain medication
60% fewer requests for epidurals
40% reduction in the use of synthetic oxytocin to induce or augment labour
Increased rates of breast feeding post partum (6 weeks)
Increased rates of maternal emotion and mental health post partum (6 weeks)”