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Some of the questions I get asked quite often are;


Firstly, I focus strongly on wellness, filling our diets with simple nourishing organic foods,
managing our environment to be as low tox as possible for a city family and prioritising down time  for our family to integrate our days. I also allow time for sleep. Sleep is the time that our bodies naturally heal and repair and this precious time needs to be honoured if you want to stay healthy and recover quickly from illness.Social Media

We rarely get sick between 9-5 Monday to Friday when I can easily pop over to work and pick up anything we need. It’s usually when we are away visiting family, or 2am on a Saturday that my kids start teething, or someone comes down with gastro.

I keep a fully stocked natural first aid kit to help us through these situations. The things that I wouldn’t be without include:

My Natural First Aid Kit:


Key words for use: Swelling, paTraumeel_com_TrSTabl_klein_8978_10163in 

It’s an amazing anti-inflammatory, great for bruises, bites, stings, headaches, sprains, arthritis, toothache.

I like it in liquid from ampoules, but tablets would work brilliantly too.  For little babies, you can dissolve a tablet in a glass of water and spoon feed them as needed.

Available from Health food stores, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, some Osteopaths etc

3% HYDROGEN PEROXIDEfaulding hydrogen peroxide

Key words for use: Infection, colds, flu

It’s anti bacterial. Apply it on cuts, puncture wounds and skin infections. Internally swish it around your mouth for gum disease, put it in your ears for ear infections (before the drums have burst) or swallow a few drops in water if you need an antibacterial. Great alternated hourly with Iodine for healing school sores too.

At the first sign of oncoming cold or flu, when you start feeling blurgh. Lie down and put drops 10-15  into your ear, when it stops bubbling, roll over and do the other ear.

3% dilution for adults and older kids 1.5% for babies. Google something like “how to dilute a liquid 3% to 1.5%” if you need to make it weaker.

Available from Chemists and Supermarkets

TOPICAL IODINElugols_bottle_8oz_1_2

Key words for use: Skin infection

Antiseptic for use directly on cuts, grazes and pimples

I use Lugols drops topically, but something like Betadine drops would be useful too. The other Betadine solutions contain too many dubious additives to be useful for my family.

Available from Chemists and Supermarkets



nervoheel_793NERVOHEEL BY HEEL

Key words for use: Stress, insomnia

For trouble sleeping, stress and anxiety.

Take 1 tablet before bed and then every 30 hours if you are still awake or have trouble returning to sleep in the night. Take 1/2 tablet every 10 minutes when feeling anxious or stressed until calm returns.

For little babies, you can dissolve a tablet in a glass of water and spoon feed them as needed.

Available from Health food stores, Naturopaths, Homeopaths etc


Key words for use: Vomiting, nausea, travellers diarrhoea

This is brilliant for gastro and tummy upsets. I use the drop form and add it to our water bottles daily as prevention when we travel to countries with a high risk of food borne infection. If you encounter gastro or other digestive upsets, it can be used as treatment by taking one dose every 15 minutes until improvement has occurred.

Available from the Tara Centre- they will post it to you if you call them


Key words: Immune boosting 

You want something with the fuel that your immune system needs to fight and build immune cells with. Look for vitamins C, D, A and Zinc. Bioflavanoids such as quercetin, rutin and hesperidin will be a bonus.

I use it at the first sign of being rundown or getting a cold. Also great for hayfever prevention.

Available from Health Food Stores

HERBAL IMMUNE FORMULAechinacea herbal immune

Key words: Immune boosting, antimicrobial

Great to boost the immune system preventatively as well as antimicrobial if you are sick.



I make a tincture with herbs, but you’ll most likely be getting something pre-made, so look for herbs including, St Johns Wort (not if you are on the pill), Echinacea, Astragalus, Myrhh, Propolis, Siberian Ginseng, Reishi, Shitaake, Garlic, Elder, Cats Claw.

Talk to the store that you are buying from to find out what they have available and see good results with.

Available from Health food stores, Naturopaths etc


best natural after sun careKey words: After sun care

This bush flower essence blend is an incredible after sun remedy. I add a few drops to spray bottle full of water and spritz it all over the skin. Takes the redness and heat out instantly! You can also use it before sun exposure as a prevention if you don’t care for suncream.



Let me know in the comments if you sometimes suffer from anything that you couldn’t treat with my Natural First Aid Kit so that I can find some quick simple solutions for you to try.

X Bri


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  1. Linda Hubbard says:

    Hi Briana, My naturopath in Denmark suggested you may have some protocols for using hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer. If so, could you please direct me on where to find your recommendations. Kind regards Linda Hubbard

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