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Since graduating in 2009, I’ve helped more than 500 patients per year feel healthier, more vibrant and more in control of their health and wellbeing.

After 8 years treating a range of conditions, a personal blood result showing Lyme disease in 2017 lead me on a new path. My passion and focus sharpened and I now combine all my previous experience in methylation and nutritional genetics, hormonal balancing, digestion, detoxification, nutritional support, mitochondrial optimisation, homeopathy and herbal medicine into a unique and comprehensive strategy to support your recovery from Lyme disease.

My extensive further training in toxic mould disease, mast cell activation syndrome and both pharmaceutical and natural methods for assessing and treating Lyme disease help me to identify and differentiate between the conditions to streamline your treatment recommendations for maximum efficiency.

Due to the complexity of chronic illnesses caused by stealth infections and biotoxins, I only offer wellness packages to manage these conditions.

I do not feel that the traditional medical model of single consults spaced many weeks or months apart does gives the level of support that is needed to truly recover functionality from these diseases. A long time between consults leaves a person needing to self prescribe and find help in forums and facebook groups from people who might be experts in their own experience, but are rarely experts in holistic medicine trained as LLND’s or LLMD’s.

Lyme disease needs close monitoring and a series of minute steps and assessment of treatments before deciding on when to initiate the next course of action. Changes can be seen on a daily and weekly basis as the infections respond to medications and adjustments and tweaks need to be made to your regimen accordingly.

This healing journey is a collaborative effort between the expert in your condition- YOU and a lyme literate medical professional- ME.

It is a relationship that we both commit to for 6 months at a time, to give us time to truly effect change. Lyme is a marathon, it is not a sprint and most people take 6-24 months to get the results that they desire.

My Lyme package allows us to work together to manage your symptoms, the drivers, the underlying genetic weaknesses and the infection itself while minimizing your discomfort and repairing damage caused by the destructive disease processes. The incredible complexity and adaptability of lyme and co-infections means that repair is rarely a linear journey that can be replicated by anyone with a Lyme diagnosis. My package gives you access to my training, expertise and experience via Telemedicine, it is completely unique to your needs and is not a pre-made, pre-formulated one-size-fits-all offer. You are fully supported in your quest to wellness, with a practitioner on your team, navigating you through the ravages of the disease.My herbal lyme strategies draw from the success of practitioners such as Dr Nicola Ducharme and master Herbalist Steven Buhner combined with Homeopathic Sarcode treatments and my own experience in organ and system optimization collected from my work with clients. If you choose to use pharmaceutical strategies as part of your treatment plan, I can work with your preferred medical Doctor to help you achieve a standard of therapy recommended by ILADS and used by leading lyme doctors such as Dr Joseph Burrascano and Dr Richard Horowitz.

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