Incidence of Adverse Vaccine Reactions

It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. We need to acknowledge that adverse vaccine reactions occur more frequently than to the “1 in every million” that media outlets like to tout.

This blog has been a long time coming but due to the conflict and emotion that surrounds vaccine discussion. I’ve shied away, kept out of it, flown under the radar.

But not today, because today I received news that another child in my personal acquaintance, a child of another dear friend, a girl I often held as a baby and who joined us at our wedding has suffered an adverse vaccine reaction.

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I spent my final year at Naturopathic College in 2009 investigating vaccine safety and efficacy for my dissertation. 30+ hours every week for 8 months; I read books, articles, journals, vaccine inserts, government handouts, VAERS reports, interviews from families, CDC statements, scrolled online forums, talked to my lecturers and other experienced health practitioners and conducted interviews with families who had experienced adverse reactions to vaccination before writing an 80,000 word dissertation on my meta analysis.

In short, this is a subject that I am qualified to comment on.

I’m not going to give you data and quotes from official VAERS sites about the rates of vaccine reaction because it is commonly acknowledged that less than 1 in 10 adverse medical reactions are actually reported. I’m also not going to ask for your opinions on the validity of vaccination or the benefits or lack of benefits that you perceive them to hold for you and your loved ones, because this is not the time or place for those discussions.

What I am here to discuss is my personal and clinical experience with vaccine damage.

And I’m going to come right out and tell you from the beginning that I DO NOT KNOW 1 MILLION PEOPLE.

I personally know, in my private acquaintance:

1 person who developed Cerebral Palsy within a week of receiving vaccination. This person is now an adult in a care home and requires 24hr care. They are wheel chair bound, cannot feed themselves, toilet themselves or communicate a reliable yes or no response.

1 child who developed life-threatening food allergies requiring intermittent hospitalization for 3 years. This child was so affected by food proteins that they weren’t able to attend childcare as the risk of being exposed to a crumb of an allergenic food is life threatening. These allergies occurred within 24 hours of vaccination.

1 child who has stop breathing episodes after receiving vaccination and can now only be vaccinated in a hospital with resuscitation equipment on standby. These reactions occur immediately after vaccination.

1 child who who was completely unresponsive and limp after 24 hours after a vaccination. The parents thought their child had a stroke.

1 child who screams every night for weeks after vaccination and is covered in a thick red eczema all over their face and body. This reaction repeats itself with every vaccination.

In my professional experience with around 4000 clients (current as of March 2018) I have also consulted with:

2 children who developed seizure disorder, numerous other neurological symptoms and intellectual impairment.

1 adult who suffered an immediate vaccine reaction, was hospitalized for months and is now wheelchair bound, mildy intellectually and physically disabled  and lives in a world of suffering.

1 adult who developed an auto immune kidney disease that reduced her kidney function to only 20% within weeks of having the Hep A travel vaccine.

1 child who walked into the Doctors office chatting with their Mum, walked out after the vaccination and did not speak a word for another year. They now have an Autism diagnosis.

1 child who developed a high pitched scream, a particular cry known as the “crie encephalie” or cry of encephalitis within days of vaccination. This cry indicates brain inflammation. It is a very particular and distressing high pitched cry and I hope you never have the misfortune to hear it or cry it yourself.

1 child who suffered 9 days of partial paralysis and high fever after receiving all of their ‘catch-up’ injections in one day.

Numerous children who experience ‘normal vaccine reactions’ such as painful swelling at the vaccine site, redness, numbness, rashes, hysterical crying and lethargy after vaccination.

These are just my experiences with the acute reactions and I’m sure I’ve missed some. I highlight them here for you so that you may start to formulate your own understanding of the prevalence of vaccine reactions.

We also don’t have the data to be able to speculate on how many people are chronically affected by vaccine reactions. Reactions that manifest weeks and months after a vaccine event.

If you feel that you or a loved one has been affected by a vaccine adverse reaction, check out my blog post on how to manage an acute vaccine reaction.

As always, with love,

X Bri


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