Lyme and Co-infection Herbal Provocation

Lyme and Co-infection Herbal Provocation can help you to determine which infections you have based your response to the herbs, but also by cringing them into the blood stream for more accuracy in testing. 

Standard lab testing finds it difficult to identify Borrelia species because many of them are wily and adaptable organisms. They evade detection by changing shape and form and existing in three different types. Spirochete, cell wall deficient and cyst forms. They also evade the immune system by changing their outer surface proteins to avoid detection and antibody response. 

Unless you have a recent infection, the organisms won’t be in the bloodstream, they burrow out of the blood and into tissue. 

The herbal provocation helps to drive them back into the blood for measurement in the laboratory. 

Correctly identifying which co-infections you have allows you to prioritise your treatments and protect yourself from further damage.

Lyme expert Dr Nicola Ducharme recommends the following protocol:

Herbal provocation protocol for tick borne diseases

While undertaking the herbal provocation, do not introduce any new supplements or treatments that could muddy your experience and nullify the results.

If you experience a worsening of symptoms when you introduce a herb, please be sure to record which herbs you are taking, the date of occurrence and the symptoms that you are feeling so that further treatments can be adjusted to suit you better.

The herbal provocation kit is available here

As always, if you have any questions while undertaking this provocation while you are under my care please email me immediately.

X Bri

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