House Clearing & Rebalancing

Does your house feel cold and unwelcoming? Are things moving around unexpectedly? Strange noise in the night? Dog keeps growling at the same spot on the floor? Maybe, you’ve just moved, and can’t sleep anymore? Or seem to be angry and uptight when you’re home.

This is an energetic world, they are so many things that most people can’t see with their eyes, that can affect the enjoyment you feel in your home or place of work.

At the start of a consult, we’ll talk about how you are feeling and what you are experiencing. I’ll connect to the land, the building and the possessions inside as well as looking for and removing imprints from past occupants.

When do a house clearing and rebalance, I remove negative entities and energies that aren’t in alignment with your highest welfare, activate protective grids and energy patterns around your house that are both impervious to negative energies and calming and healing to you and your  loved ones. I teach your home how to be a safe place, filled with love, kindness and abundance. A place of sanctuary, connected to the stabilizing energy of Mother Earth

There are two ways that I can clear your house. If you live within 30kms of Perth CBD I will physically work at your house. If you live anywhere else in the world, I can tune in and work remotely. Contact me to arrange a time.


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