Intuitive Healing

As a very young girl, I chatted away telepathically with our German Shephard, Tash. She was such a protective and wise lady, always keeping me safe. I learnt to walk by winding my sticky baby fingers deep into her coat and cruising along as she shuffled slowly forward, making sure to keep me upright. But when it came to food, she was strict, the law of the dog pack ruled us. Under no circumstances was I allowed to eat any of her dog biscuits unless I passed her my Weetbix first. She would eat my baby mush, then chaperone me down the garden path, over the gravel that bit sharply into my fleshy baby skin and wait with me while I delightedly ate handfuls of her biscuits. Mum knew something of this arrangement and kept moving her dog biscuits further and further away from me, but, if you’ve ever had a toddler in your life, you’ll know that some people just can’t be persuaded to give up, even when it’s good for them. Blurgh! I shudder at the thought now. We communicated so effortlessly that it came as quite a surprise when I found out that no one else could hear her. As I grew and my understanding of ‘normal’ expanded, I shut down my gift in confusion.


Learning Theta Healing allowed me to re-access my buried gifts and reawaken my intuitive nature. It’s the way I connect with the Divine.

Want to know what we’ll do together? Anything! Everything! It’s up to you. You are in control every step of the way and nothing can be done without your permission.

An intuitive session with me will start with a discussion about your life and the current issues that you are facing. From there, I’ll close my eyes and request access to do an intuitive reading on your body. And that’s where we take off, your body might be holding past life trauma, inherited blocks and limiting beliefs from your family, karmic debts, fears, psychic hooks, attachments, entities. Even physical illness is often mirrored in your energy fields and can be released on that level. There is no limit to what can be seen and achieved in a session.

Beliefs and feelings that don’t serve you can be reprogrammed, karma cleared, past life traumas released, you might need to be grounded into your personal grid, or connected to the AngelAstrology-300x300abundance of Mother Earth, you might dialogue with your inner child, or communicate with loved ones past over. Be prepared for anything and everything to happen.

Our safety is of primary importance to me and we use Cliff Rollins’ protection and grounding technique and are protected by the Brotherhood of All, the Paradise Sons and Daughters  as well as Arch Angels and various Guides of the light while we work together.

Are you ready to release your blocks and move into the Divine being of Light that I know you are?

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