Gluten Free: Where to start?

This blog post is designed for clients new to a gluten free lifestyle. It has been prepared for us by the wonderful Claire Lochrie, Nutritional Therapist, Doula and Registered Nurse of Indigo Cocoons Changing your diet to be gluten free can be a significant step to improve your overall health, as well as one way … Continue reading Gluten Free: Where to start?

Folic Acid, Friend or Foe?

This article on Folic Acid was guest written for Guide to Organics and first published on the 26th January 2016. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to come across Guide to Organics before, it is a great resource for identifying the nearest organic stores, co-op’s and food venues near you. Just type in your postcode to see … Continue reading Folic Acid, Friend or Foe?


DISCLAIMER (1)      No advice This website contains general information about medical conditions and treatments. The information is not advice and should not be treated as such. (2)      Credit This document was created using an SEQ Legal template. (3)      No warranties  The medical information on this website is provided without any representations or warranties, express or … Continue reading WEBSITE DISCLAIMER


Being inclined towards no-tox living as we are, when it came time to transform the house we’d just purchased into something beautiful and welcoming rather than a shrine to flaking polyuerethane, tired jarrah floorboards and paint which is a yellow and blue ode to the local football team, we did our research into the chemicals … Continue reading NON TOXIC PAINT REVIEW


Baby with fever There’s something terrifying about holding a tiny human in your arms, someone you love more than anything and they are sick, burning with fever. You feel helpless: the fear is something primal; it liquefies your gut. Before you allow yourself to panic and reach for the baby Paracetamol, or call the Doctor, … Continue reading FEVER, NOT SOMETHING TO FEAR


I wrote this as a Guest blog post for award winning Perth Birth Photographer Cat Fancote  The science is very clear that the health and diversity of the bacterial and fungal colonies both inside us and on our skin, play a huge role in our health. In babies a healthy microbiome translates to a reduction … Continue reading GUIDE TO VAGINAL SEEDING

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