10 Pass Ozone in Cyprus- my experience

The benefits of ozone therapy explained by the Nikolenko clinic.

As part of my research into treatments for Lyme disease available in Europe, I visited both Neomed and the Nikolenko (Medinstitiute) Clinics in Cyprus in June 2023. I was welcomed by both of the clinical Directors and spent hours learning about their treatment offerings and talking with their practitioners and some of their patients. (I’ll write more about this whole experience in a seperate blog shortly)

Both of these hospitals focus on the administration of medical ozone therapy and they collaborated to offer me a session of 10 pass Ozone as Medinstitute in Nicosia. At the time of my visit they cost around 180. (If you would like this, Medinstitute is offering my patients a special rate, so book an appointment with me and let me write you referral letter)

I wanted to talk you through it, so that you know what to expect.

Both clinics have a large 10 pass ozone room, with big windows. Neomed looks out over the fields and oceans, while Medinstitute looks out over city buildings.

Both rooms have comfortable armchairs and multiple ozone machines, so you will get to meet and talk with other patients while you have your treatment.

What happens during a treatment?

Once you take a seat, the nurse will consult your treatment plan and prepare your ozone. You need to know whether you are allergic to aspirin, which is used a blood thinner. If you are, a saline solution can be used instead, but the process takes longer to give you the 10 passes as the blood isn’t as thin.

A vein is found and a needle inserted to draw the blood out into the ozone machine, to be mixed with ozone. My nurse was extremely experienced and very gentle in this process.

A childhood tumour and surgery experience has left me with a fear of needles and medical procedures. Without looking at my arm or my blood in the machine, or seeing the blood of my fellow patient in her machine, I did go into a faint, my vision went white, I got hot and clammy. I was glad for the comfortable chair and kind professional attitude of the staff. A sugary lemon drink helped me to stabilise and after a few minutes I came back to my usual consciousness.

The site of the needle did hurt and sting at various points and my fellow patient who had been a number of times and was super experienced with 10 pass ozone said the first time her arm felt so sore, that she thought it would fall off. My experience wasn’t as terrible, but I did feel the discomfort. Especially when my filter needed changing.

I could feel my blood pressure dropping when new blood was taken into the machine, but nothing unbearable.

The whole treatment lasted about an hour for me.


There was no flare up or discomfort afterwards. I felt good. Clear headed and easily able to drive home safely.

I felt more mental clarity, my sinuses were clearer. It wasn’t like a good nights sleep and waking refreshed, or like the artificial energy from a cup of coffee, but somehow I felt well after.

The next day on removing my bandage, I expected some bruising at the needle site, but I didn’t experience any. I had some bruising type pain there and felt glad that I wasn’t going back to use the same vein for another treatment on subsequent days. Perhaps they could use a different arm? Unfortunately, I didn’t think to ask when I was there. Either way, it would have been quite bearable, just a little more tender.

In the following days, I felt much the same as normal. But 10 pass ozone isn’t designed as a once off treatment, it’s something to be repeated a number of times a week for a number of weeks to get the maximum benefit.

Let me know your questions in the comments.