Breathe into Ease

Nurture a sense of well-being, emotional freedom and safety in your
body through joyful breathwork and serotonin-boosting somatic movement

Why Breathe Into Ease?

Rather than breathing into harmony and health, humans today are conditioned to
breathe into stress, fear, worry and doubt.

The more you allow your nervous system to remember what ease feels
like, the more you re-pattern your brain and entire being to respond
to daily life and each situation from this place of grounded presence,
self-respect, compassion and coherence.

Breathing into Ease allows your body to move from old habits and beliefs that keep your nervous system stuck in suffering, disease and despair into the frequency you need to heal and shift away from suffering.

Releasing the trauma the holds you stuck, is life changing for anyone with a complex, chronic illness.

Individual sessions and monthly group classes facilitated by Aryana.

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