Optimise your fertility

Briana has a vast amount of clinical and personal experience to draw upon in your quest to optimise your fertility and achieve a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Since 2009, Briana has supported over 300 families through pre-conception, pregnancy and post-partum including woman in their 40’s and couples needing medically assisted reproductive technologies.

She has a proven record of success in preventing miscarriage, diabetes, cholestasis and pre-eclampsia. As well as all the common discomforts usually associated with pregnancy such as leg cramps, reflux, sleeplessness and nutritional deficiencies.

You’re planning a baby,  what’s the next step?

Ideally, the best time to start thinking about optimising your fertility is one year prior to conception if a woman is on the oral contraceptive pill. The first step is to consult with your medical Doctor and safely cease using hormonal birth control. One year usually gives you adequate time to naturally balance and resume the healthy production of your own reproductive hormones and to learn about your cycle and fertility signs.

After stopping the pill and allowing 4-6 months for your body to normalise, the next steps are for both partners to start working towards detoxification of heavy metals and optimisation of  organs such as the liver and kidneys and body systems-hormones, immune system and stress responses.

As eggs and sperm both take 70-90 days to mature, the final 3 months prior to your planned conception date is the time when we focus on ensuring the nutritional status of both parents is ideal for conception and the time where we focus more strongly on diet and lifestyle adjustments to assist you in conceiving and carrying a healthy baby.

MSAS testing is perfectly safe during preganancy

Briana will draw on her knowledge of herbs, nutrients, homeopathics, current research, in-house testing on the MSAS bio-feedback machine as well as external testing such as blood tests and sperm testing to formulate your unique treatment plan and guide you to your goal.

Once you have achieved conception, Briana switches focus to support the mother and baby to ensure that pregnancy is as comfortable as possible and that the growing baby has the specific nutrients during specific trimesters that they need to thrive.

Briana- My own experience with fertility started with an ovarian tumour at the age of 13 that resulted in the removal of the affected ovary. From that time, my periods were very painful and congested and a GP made the common recommendation that I use the pill. A diagnosis of PCOS followed when I was 18 and medical specialists told me that it was unlikely that I would ever conceive a child naturally. This prophecy of doom rang loudly in my ears during my early 20’s.

Finally, while studying to be a Naturopath I found better answers and focussed on using the power of herbal and nutritional interventions to repair my reproductive cycle. It was a resounding success and my periods normalised without pain. I feel incredibly blessed to have conceived both of my sons on literally our first attempt. Not too bad considering that I was told that I wouldn’t have children naturally!

To further help you achieve your goals, you may simply schedule your appointments as you go, or, Healthy for Life offers the choice of 2 fertility boosting packages:

Mum2Be: Fertility Optimiser Grande

Are you planning to conceive within the next 12 months?
This package helps to spread out the costs into fortnightly payments of $65.95 and gives you:
1x 60 minute initial appointment
11x 30 minute follow-up appointments to be used before and during pregnancy, so that you and your baby are the healthiest you can be.
6x 60 minute relaxation massages with Scott
10% off supplements purchased through Healthy for Life or www.Vital.ly
Unlimited email support


His and Hers: Fertility Optimiser

This package helps to spread the costs of treatment out into more manageable payments of $74.95 per fortnight.
What you get:
1x 60 minute initial appointment each for Mum and Dad to-be.
16x 30 minute follow-up appointments for either Mum or Dad to be used during preconception and by Mum during pregnancy.
10% off all supplements at Healthy for Life or www.Vital.ly
Unlimited email support

For FAQ go to: https://brianagunn.com/package-deals-faq/

In radiant health,

X Bri

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