The Chronic Comeback- with Phil Hadfield

In this episode, we have Briana Gunn. Briana is the Naturopath and Director of Healthy for Life; and is an expert in complex, chronic health conditions underpinned by biotoxins such as Lyme, co-infections and Mould. After 9 years in a traditional clinic, she now works exclusively via Zoom and sees clients all over Australia and New Zealand.

In practice since 2009, she has seen over 4000 of clients as a General Naturopath and expert in nutritional bypasses for methylation disorders.

Briana’s career took a different turn in 2017 when she received a test result that changed her priorities. At the time she was experiencing a series of odd and inexplicable health challenges that weren’t responding to standard treatments, and soon found that her blood results came back positive for Borrelia. She deemed that it was a difficult and painful time in her life and vowed that she didn’t want other people to experience the hopelessness and lack of available experts to support and guide patients of the disease.

Using the power of herbs, nutrients, naturopathy and rife, she has repaired herself and hasn’t relapsed since January 2018. Briana continues to experience great health and high level physical and mental functioning and is eager to share that knowledge with others, so that they don’t have to suffer on their own anymore.