OptimalRx Mould Exposure and CIRS

In this podcast, Kristin and Julianne from OptimalRx discuss mould exposure and chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) with Briana Gunn.  Briana is an Australian Naturopath who is an expert in rebuilding health after CIRS and tick-borne diseases. In practice since 2009, Briana chose to specialise in biotoxin illnesses after her own experience of dealing with Lyme and water damaged buildings. She has treated over 7000 patients worldwide. Briana writes regularly on the topic of CIRS  for Dr Sandeep Gupta and her clinical writing has been featured by the Lyme Disease Association of Australia.  Listen to Briana and learn how phyto-medicines have been used to successfully to treat her patients with CIRS.

Podcast Highlights:

  • My personal history with mould and lyme
  • How to diagnose CIRS
  • HLA genotyping for diagnosis
  • The pros and cons of urinary mycotoxin testing
  • MARCoNS- what is is and where is it?
  • Low amylose diet benefits in CIRS
  • Treatments for CIRS
  • My favourite herbal remedies for rebuilding health