Experiencing CIRS or a Tick Borne illness?

It can be overwhelming trying to heal yourself from conditions that a regular GP doesn’t even understand.

If you’ve got CIRS or a Tick borne disease, you’ve probably been to a handful of doctors without results. 

Finding the right professional to help you is the pivotal step in your recovery.

My clients tell me over and again that finding me and getting the right advice and experience has saved them years of suffering.

“Most days I actually feel like a normal person [again]. Thank you so much. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without you.” C. Williamson CIRS and MCAS patient. 

I’ve been in private practice as a Naturopath since 2009 and during that time, I’ve helped thousands of people to recover their vibrant health.  

My personal and professional journey changed suddenly in 2017 when I fell sick myself.

My vision was deteriorating and I thought it was due to mould in our bathroom and looked into CIRS.

Then I started getting monthly cycles of what I thought was flu. 

Terrible fevers, drenching sweats, migraines lasting 5-11 days. Full body aches and pain so bad, I couldn’t even sleep to escape it. I had complete light and sound sensitivity and was shut in our dark bedroom for a week or more.

After the 3rd consecutive month of sobbing in pain in a dark room, I realised I couldn’t have a common flu.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have my knowledge, training, experience and professional networks, as my path to diagnosis was only a matter of months.

When I was diagnosed with Borrelia relapsing fever, I felt such despair at holding those blood results in my hands, but I knew I couldn’t let this disease ruin my life. My children were only 3 and 6 at that time and they needed me. 

I set out to learn everything I could about biotoxin illnesses.

I applied everything I learnt and it only took me 3 months to turn my health around. I haven’t had any hint of relapsing fever since January 2018. 

While my case was uncommon in it’s fast diagnosis and quick remission, my experience, further training and mentoring taught me that there are so many options to help people to rebuild their health from Tick Borne Diseases and CIRS.

I was determined to put my experience to good and to use it as a catalyst to change the lives of people who were suffering without correct diagnosis, support and treatment options.  

I’ve since compiled all that learning and experience into comprehensive treatment approaches to help people like you or your loved one to rebuild your health from Tick Borne Diseases and CIRS.

My comprehensive plan supports your recovery every step of the way by:

  • Alleviating your symptoms and preventing the disease(s) from further damaging your body.
  • Supporting detoxification pathways and organs to allow your body to excrete toxins rather than storing them.
  • Reducing inflammation and rebooting your immune system. 
  • Anti-microbial herbs that directly target infections.
  • Repairing your gut health and harmonising your microbiome and gut integrity.
  • Assessing nutritional status and overcoming deficiencies.
  • Optimising hormones.
  • Optimising mitochondrial function.
  • Advice on how to remove sources of toxicity from your environment.
  • External blood, saliva, urine, stool or genetic testing where required.

“Thank you for our awesome appointment earlier! You do have a gift. I’ve seen doctors [before] and I know I’m not the first client to tell you this, but I felt heard. I felt someone was on my team trying to figure stuff out and it means a lot!” – Frances S. Perth Western Australia

Repairing your health from complex illnesses takes time, focus and commitment. 

The support built into these Wellness Plans allows us to enter into a partnership, to really create lasting change in your health and give you the tools you need to navigate your own healing.

Program Details

Biotoxin Breakthrough home study course
One payment of $499
These videos cover "everything" that you need to know to rebuild your health from CIRS or a Tick borne illness.
They are short and topic specific, because- hello brain fog.
Step 1) Eliminate- get your elimination organs working better and eliminate toxic from your home
Step 2) Support- your organs and body systems from further harm by the infections and start improving your worst symptoms
Step 3) Exterminate- now that your gut and immune systems are a little healthier and your detox pathways are functional, its time to target the infections directly
Step 4) Rebuild- what are we left with? Is your nervous system still struggling, or are your hormones out? What else do you need to rebuild to feel better?
This course will jumpstart your healing from CIRS (toxic mould disease) and Tick borne diseases
The videos tell you what to do and why, so that you can heal.
Including lessons on how to choose a CIRS safe home, how to overcome a herx, what to do if you're super reactive to supplements and 45 other videos!
They don't cover prescriptions (legally I need to do that for you) but they're the perfect adjunct to working with a LLND or LLMD or trying to treat yourself with books and online protocols.
Check out the modules here: https://biotoxinbreakthrough.thinkific.com/courses/biotoxin-breakthrough
12 Month Biotoxin Breakthrough Method
Initial payment of $499
If you have CIRS or a Tick Borne Disease and you're ready to work with experts using proven natural methods to rebuild your health with full support and a customised treatment protocol.
You might also have a side serve of parasites, viruses, heavy metals, SIBO or histamine issues.
90 minute extended Initial appointment with Lyme Naturopath Briana (rrp $360)
Naturopathic follow-up appointments as often as you need for 12 months (typically every 2-5 weeks) (rrp $135 each)
3x Private Somatic Integration Appointments with Aryana (rrp $720)
3x group Breathwork sessions (rrp $135)
Lifetime access to the Biotoxin Breakthrough Course- full details in the course column (rrp $499)
Unlimited Q&A in our private Facebook group (rrp $20 per private email)
Unlimited WhatsApp messaging with Briana to guide your recovery between appointments
10% off Australian Practitioner Supplements
There's an ongoing monthly investment of $190 for 11 months to really get to the bottom of things and rebuild your health.
This intensive treatment plan fastbacks your recovery AND saves you over $1500

**Pensioner discounts and family plans are available. Talk to me about your situation during your free 15 minute appointment so that we can find the best solution for you.

Generally, the longer you’ve been sick and the more symptoms that you have, the longer we’ll need to work together to repair your health.

Initially, we’ll work together quite closely, with appointments as often as you need them for 6 months and full email support to help you get the best out of your treatments.

As you settle into your protocol you may choose to space them out further.

My clients with CIRS generally need regular appointments for 6-8 months and my clients with Tick borne diseases often need 8-18 months with improvements being seen much sooner.

To allow me to really provide you with the attention and care that you need to rebuild your health from a complex illness, I only commit to supporting, treating and guiding a limited number of clients at any one time. 

Gain the knowledge and tools to rebuild your health

To find out if we are a great fit, schedule your free 15 minute compatibility consultation to see if my approach is the right solution for you.

“The process of working with Bri has been great. I found that the fact that she’s been available to me and more accessible to me than regular Naturopaths and other health professionals, is really, really beneficial. When you suffer from some chronic health issues and it’s late stage lyme its really helpful to have somebody that is able to respond or able to give you more prompt response when you really really need it… I’m really grateful and would highly recommend that if you suffer from any mystery illness or anything that resembles fibromyalgia or lyme that you give Briana a call” – Jelena M. Skype client. Perth, Western Australia 

Check out the FAQ page for more info on the packages

3 thoughts on “Experiencing CIRS or a Tick Borne illness?

  1. Anna Paredes says:

    Hello Brie,

    i would like to introduce myself for assisting practitioners in their protocol for Lymes Disease which speeds up the process in recovery. I have been administering colonics for the past 25 years in Sydney. if you come across any clients from Sydney? would love to work with you on cleansing and reducing inflammation directly through the elimination channels. to increase the strength of the immune system.

    kindest regards
    Anna Paredes
    Trainer & Assessor in Colonic Hydration.
    02 9211 1174
    0410 710 198

  2. Linda Bourne says:

    Hi, I have Lyme disease from about 26 years ago when I found a tick a few days after a camping trip. I have been sick ever since and had bloods don approx 10 years ago through igenix. That showed borelia and Babesia Duncanii. I suffer severe chronic nerve pain which is relentless and I live on pain relief. Can you please give me some more info,on your treatments, best regards, Linda Bourne
    Western Australia.
    My email,gmail.com.

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