Bri’s Wellness Network

Are you looking for a great health care provider, but don’t know who to turn to?

Check out some of the people I refer to professionally and trust with my own health.

Body Work

The importance of maintaining a healthy body can not be underestimated, I use and recommend the services of these professionals to help you achieve and maintain total wellness. Chiropractic: Dr Neil Brodie at Perth Wellness Centre. He practices a unique Chiro technique incorporating Kinesiology an homeopathic treatment. Dr Toni from Aahana uses a gentle mix … Continue reading Body Work

Integrative GP’s

Dr Adam Nuttall in Midland- With a good knowledge of biotoxin illnesses, he’s a thorough GP with an open mind. He’s also great with children’s health. Dr Clive Heath in Shenton Park- this is your man if you want to get to the bottom of your thyroid condition. Dr Dane Purvan in Shenton Park- the … Continue reading Integrative GP’s

Holistic Dentists

Need a sensible dentist in Perth? Someone who uses biologically compatible materials instead of toxic metals?  This is my shortlist: DR HAMENT HARI Bentley- An excellent holistic dentist with a background in Ayurvedic medicine and Homeopathy. The clinic is calm and refreshing with statues and crystals, so if you’ve got a fear of traditional dentistry, this … Continue reading Holistic Dentists

Australian Building Biologists

Building Biologists Western Australia: Deanne Hislop  from Building Biology WA  is a certified building biologist and mould auditor who can help you to identify what mycotoxins you have and how to remediate your home from them.     Triin-Liis Treial from House Healing Solutions  is a certified building biologist, and a WELL Accredited Professional who … Continue reading Australian Building Biologists