Australian Building Biologists

Building Biologists Western Australia:

Deanne Hislop

Deanne Hislop  from Building Biology WA  is a certified building biologist and mould auditor who can help you to identify what mycotoxins you have and how to remediate your home from them.


Triin-Liis Treial


Triin-Liis Treial from House Healing Solutions  is a certified building biologist, and a WELL Accredited Professional who consults one-on-one to homeowners, tenants, parents and soon-to-be parents, the environmentally and chemically and/or electrically sensitive, builders, architects, and commercial building owners, and integrate several fields into a holistic approach to the healthy home or office, from building and interior materials to electromagnetic fields, proper ventilation, mold and moisture avoidance. In addition to mould/moisture/EMF audits, numerous sampling options are offered.​

Building Biologist VICTORIA

Bronwyn Bennet

Bronwyn Bennet from Creating Healthy Spaces specialises in Air Quality Testing, Green Cleaning products, Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Testing and Solutions, Green Healthy Building Material Advice, Geomancy and Water Quality Testing.


Building Biologist SYDNEY

Jeanette WilliamsJeanette Williams from Building Biology Sydney does health home and workplace assessments, mould & moisture detection, pre-purchase & pre-lease inspections, EMF audits and indoor air quality testing. 


Building Biologist ACT

Lysinda Curren

Also servicing NSW and Vic, Lysinda Curren from Eco Health Solutions offers virtual indoor environmental health assessments.