Course Review; Mold Illness Made Simple

Hiya lovelies,

I don’t usually get excited enough to share my behind-the-scenes continuing practitioner education with you, mostly because I do so much of it that you’d be bored to petrification hearing about all the medical acronyms.

IBD, IBS, SIBO, SIFO anyone? Riveting stuff I assure you. Luckily, I do actually find it to be brilliantly fascinating because as I’m learning, re-learning and upgrading my knowledge I’m scanning through my mental client files for people that would benefit from the info. The learning isn’t the buzz for me, it’s using knowledge to change peoples lives that makes it so great.

While I was running eagerly down the SIBO rabbit hole recently, I heard a podcast with Australian Mould Guru Dr Sandeep Gupta and the interaction and cross-over that occurs in SIBO and Mould clients. Of course, I changed course slightly and ended up in mould land.

Mould land is a place that I’ve been stalking for a few years, learning the acronyms, learning the treatments, assessing the effects on clients lives. I’ve burrowed about on Dr Shoemakers site for more hours than is healthy and toyed with the idea of completing training with him directly. So far, I’ve baulked at the strong pharmaceutical focus which is out of alignment with my training, beliefs and experience.

When I tumbled happily upon Dr Gupta’s Mold Illness Made Simple Course it looked to be exactly what I had been looking for. Dr Gupta is one of only two Shoemaker Certified Physician’s in Australia and has a busy practice treating patients in his Sunshine Coast and Sydney offices. He also has personal experience recovering from a water damaged building.

I promised you a review of the course in the title of this post, so I’ll jump in and give you my experiences without further ado.

The course is laid out in an 8 week format with each week containing two, 10-30 minute slideshow type videos and a short quiz (week 5 has 3 short videos instead of 2). There’s a voice over by Dr Gupta himself. Each week covers a different theme or aspect of mould illness or Shoemakers recovery protocol. The graphics are clear and well thought out and the audio quality is great.

There are also very informative weekly summaries to print for future reference and the option to print the slides themselves if you think they’re of value to you. I found it useful to print the

summaries for each session and added my extra notes alongside the diagrams in the handouts to save drawing out the tables and diagrams myself.

Dr Gupta has a clear well paced voice which is very easy to understand, the videos move nicely and the depth of knowledge that he shares is very well considered. I found it to be hugely valuable and relevant to recovery.

As a practitioner I found the course to be comprehensive and immediately useful, the quizzes were a good recap of the material without too may wildcard questions. You can re-take the quiz as often as you need if you don’t pass the first time.

If you are a mould sufferer or someone wanting to learn about mould illness, you might find that you want to repeat some of the videos to allow the language and concepts associated with toxic mould disease and Shoemakers protocol to fully sink in.

Once purchased, you have immediate access to the course and you can learn at your own pace as each new module unlocks once you finish the one preceeding it and you can re-watch the material as often as you need.

If you have CIRS, the Mold Illness Made Simple course will save you oodles of time and money because you won’t need to go doctor shopping trying to find answers. You will know more than 99% (my guesstimate, not actual statistics) of health professionals and doctors who do not have mould illness on their radars and aren’t aware of the research on it’s wide-ranging effects and clinical presentations. The course equips you with the tools that you need to identify whether mould illness is underlying your symptoms, find a practitioner to help you, understand the treatment options, remediate your environment and facilitate your return to wellness.

Dr Gupta is in the process of creating a second practitioner level course (which I am very eager to get my hands on) scheduled for release in 2019.

All up, this is a detailed, comprehensive course that truly delivers on it’s promise to make mould illness simple. It condenses Shoemakers protocol into something useful and accessible to everyone. This is an essential course if you treat patients with chronic disease, if you have a mould related illness or you love someone who does.

I see so much value in the course that I sent the admin team an email that went a little something like “I LOVED your course and see so much value in it that I’m going to tell my clients if I think it’ll help them. Do you have a discount code to help them out?” and they wrote me back with a 10% off deal for you and made me an affiliate too.

Use code CLARITY10 for 10% off your course and if you think I should get a financial kickback too (don’t worry it isn’t enough to quit my day job) then use this link when you head over to get started on the course.

I hope you get as much from the course as I did, let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about it, or you’re still uncertain about what to expect or whether you’ll find it useful.

X Bri

2 thoughts on “Course Review; Mold Illness Made Simple

  1. Michelle Mason says:

    Hi Bri, I would value your course so much, my house has had major water damage, I have been running around to doctors for 10 or so years, to no avail, my naturopath took a blood sample that came back positive to mold, (sensitivity) I am now waiting my next test to see how much is in my system, had a building biologist come thru and claimined the home was contaminated unfit for human habitat its very scary, feeling like im never getting better, the dizziness, fatigue tinnitus blood noses burning eys and nose the list goes on and on, do I just go to the link kind regards Michelle Mason

    • says:

      Hi Michelle, thanks for your query. I think taking Dr Guptas course will be a good next step for you to start understanding the health, treatment and remediation options available to you. You do just click on the link to get there. Let me know if you have any other questions. X Bri

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