Coffee Enemas- How to guide

Coffee Enemas are a great detoxification strategy to repair your body from CIRS or Tick Borne Diseases. By stimulating the portal vein between the large intestine and the liver with coffee, your liver dumps toxins such as mould into your bowel to be flushed away.

The dual benefit of a coffee enema is to cleanse the colon to help shed parasites, impacted stool and biofilm.

Despite the numerous benefits, many of my clients take some coaxing when I suggest that coffee enemas are going to be a useful part of their healing.

Dr James L Wilson is a wealth of information on coffee enemas if you have further questions about why you should do one.

Coffee Enema Guide


Silicone travel enema kit

• Bring 1 litre of filtered water to the boil, adding 2 tbsp of coffee and allowing to boil for an additional 5 minutes.
• Let coffee cool until room temperature and strain out any leftover coffee grinds before transferring into enema bag.
• Pour the coffee into the enema bag. Loosen the clamp to allow the coffee to run out to the end of the catheter tip into the toilet removing any bubbles from the tubing. Re-clamp the bag when all the air has been removed from the enema tubing.
• Hang enema bag about 2 feet off the floor. It works well to hang on coat hanger around door knob. Putting the bag too high, like on a shower head, may create a forceful flow. A gentle flow is desired.
• Lay a towel on toilet floor and find a comfortable position on your back with knees bent or lying on your right side.
• Gently insert catheter into rectum a few inches, usage of coconut oil for lubrication is an option.
• Once catheter is inserted, release clamp and allow liquid to gently flow inward. If at any point there is discomfort, stop the flow by clamping off tubing.
• Once enema bag is halfway empty, remove tubing and retain enema for as long as you are comfortable (over 15 minutes is ideal, but a few minutes is fine to start with) then release bowels.
• Once you feel empty, proceed with the other half of the enema bag.

Frequency of Therapy:
• Some people do enemas every day.
• I recommend about 2x/ week on average, then more during periods of
intense herxing or after a mould exposure

• Make sure coffee has adequately cooled before using it.
• Do not use instant coffee or decaffeinated coffee.
• Never force anything, be gentle with the tip of the enema when inserting it into the