Holistic Dentists

Need a sensible dentist in Perth?

Someone who uses biologically compatible materials instead of toxic metals? 

This is my shortlist:


An excellent holistic dentist with a background in Ayurvedic medicine and Homeopathy. The clinic is calm and refreshing with statues and crystals, so if you’ve got a fear of traditional dentistry, this setting will help calm your nerves. This is my go-to dentist for children, he’s calm, respectful and gentle. Also releases tongue ties with a laser, which my 4 year old son declared was painless to have done.

Book well in advance, his waitlist is typically 3 months.

DR GEORGE PAPADOPULOS, McCourt St Dental West LeederVIlle- 

A very thorough and professional biological dentist. The Tara Centre works closely with Dr Papadopulos to ensure that biocompatible materials are used in any fillings and bridgework and that amalgam fillings are removed in the least harmful order for your body and electrical system.

Dr Karim Azmi, Ozone Dentistry Osborne Park- 

A newer graduate recently trained in the latest techniques for safe mercury removal. I’m hearing very good feedback about his techniques and approach and if you have amalgum fillings to remove, Karim would be my first choice to remove them safely in Perth.


Did you know that the Australian Government is still funding mercury fillings in the School Dentistry program?

make sure your kids don’t go to the school dentist without you to Advocate for their health