Research Review: Improving your Fertility with Probiotics

Trawling through PubMed isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun night at home, so I’m IVF successbringing you some of the interesting findings from studies that I stumble across and translating them into everyday language so that you don’t need a science degree to interpret them. I hope they transform your health. 

Probiotics can transform Pregnancy and early childhood outcomes, here are a snippet of studies showing the variety of positive effects to help you achieve a vibrantly HEALTHY pregnancy and child.


Lactobacilli improve IVF Success

High rates of disturbances in vaginal flora colonies is found in women undergoing IVF. This bacterial vaginosis is associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes, ranging from early pregnancy loss, to late miscarriage and preterm birth.

Probiotics containing Lactobacilli might offer an elegant and safe choice of treatment. Further studies are required to determine appropriate treatment regimens. Full article available here Verstraelen H, Senok AC 2005 

 improved Embryo transfer in ivf

Colonising the transfer-catheter tip with Lactobacillus crispatus at the time of embryo transfer may increase the rates of implantation and live birth rate while also decreasing the rate of infection. Full article here Sirota I, Zarek SM, Segars JH 2014


Probiotics can prevent infant and maternal death

Using lactobacillus species improves the vaginal flora of the mother and reduces the risk of infection, which potentially lowers the risk of complications leading to infant and maternal mortality and morbidity Read the full article Reid Jn, Bisanz JE, Monachese M et al 2013 

pregnancy probiotics
Prevention of Preterm Birth

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is associated with increased risk of Preterm Birth.
Antibiotics are usually ineffective at reducing the BV often resulting in relapse or antibiotic resistance. Lactobacilli can reduce the incidence of BV and improve beneficial vaginal flora, thus reducing preterm birth rates. Full Article Yang S, Reid G, Challis JRG, et al 2015


Lactobacillus Rhamnosus prevents eczema

Using probiotics to prevent eczema has been most successful when using the strain L. rhamnosus during pregnancy and by supplementing the same strain directly to the infant after birth. More here Kuitunen M.



Sounds promising doesn’t it? And perfectly safe to use in your preconception plan, during pregnancy, postpartum and directly to your infant.

I’ll keep adding to this article as I come across further things of interest.BriGunn_Websize-1


In radiant health,

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