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I’M Bri

(pronounced Bree)

To you, I’m the Naturopath and Director of Healthy for Life. An expert in complex, chronic health conditions underpinned by Biotoxins such as Lyme, co-infections and CIRS (mould illness). I work exclusively via Skype or Phone and see clients all over Australia.

In practice since 2009, I have seen over 1000 clients per year as a Naturopath and expert in nutritional bypasses for methylation disorders. 

My career took a different turn in 2017 when I received a test result that changed my priorities. At the time I was experiencing a series of odd and inexplicable health niggles that weren’t responding to standard treatments and my heart sank when the results came back positive for Borrelia Burgdorferii.

It became my mission to learn and understand tick borne infections from every perspective, to unravel the disease and it’s co-infections.  I poured over the disease forms and symptoms, routes of transmission and the medical guidelines of the IDSA and ILADS as well as leading Lyme docs such as Dr. Joseph Burrascano and Dr. Richard Horowitz. I wanted to fully understand the pharmaceutical options before exploring the Naturopathic options.

When satisfied, I moved onto the work of holistic experts such as master herbalist Steven Buhner and Dr’s Dietrich Klinghart and Lee Cowden, before taking Dr Nicola Ducharme’s comprehensive practitioner training course, which pulled all the research together into a usable format.

Using the power of herbs, nutrients and rife, I continue to experience great health and high level functioning and I’m eager to share that knowledge with you.

To find out how I can help you, check out my Lyme Wellness Plan

Xx Bri xX


Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy

Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy

Postgraduate training courses;

  • Cogence Immunology- with Dr Sam Yanuck
  • Lyme disease Practitioner Training with Dr Nicola Ducharme
  • Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics
  • Toxic Mould Illness, CIRS and the Shoemaker Protocol
  • Folate Metabolism and MTHFR
  • Practical Clinical Application of Methylation and Epigenetics
  • Maternal and Pediatric Implications of MTHFR and Methylation dysfunction
  • MTHFR and Methylation Dysfunction in Pediatrics
  • SIBO Fundamentals and Masterclass- Dr Nirala Jacobi
  • MCAS practitioner mentoring with Heidi Turner RDN
  • Theta Healing practitioner modules 1 & 2

ANTA registered

ISEA member

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    • says:

      I work via Skype for my lyme and mould clients. HBF rebates depend on your level of cover with them, so you’ll need to contact them directly to enquire about your expected rebate amount. Cure isn’t something currently considered possible with chronic lyme in either the naturopathic or medical models of treatment. I have however seen significant improvements in all symptoms and it’s common for my clients to report that they feel better than prior to the onset of their symptoms. Ongoing maintenance with herbals and nutrients is recommended to prevent a flare.

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